Actress supporting late-term abortion calls Texas GOP ‘demented lunatics’

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Hello there, pot!

Abortion-loving actress Martha Plimpton totally rolled out the new tone on Tuesday when she tweeted that Texas Republicans are “demented lunatics.” You know, for not supporting the killing of unborn babies after 20 weeks and for trying to put in place some basic safety standards for abortion clinics.!/MarthaPlimpton/status/351782297504198659

Ms. Plimpton would rather advocate for the snuffing out of the lives of viable unborn babies and risk the health of women by encouraging Gosnell-style house of horror clinics. For the Women? Baloney.

You are part of the fringe, Ms. Plimpton.!/cynicusprime/status/349723677392257024!/LilMissRightie/status/351772191781683201

Bingo. Ms. Plimpton, heal thyself.


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