Bless their hearts: Libs dream Obama will take Arizona after Democrats win special election

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Desperate Democrats dusted off their Magic 8 Balls Tuesday after Democrat Ron Barber defeated Republican candidate Jesse Kelly in the special election to fill Gabrielle Giffords’ House seat. When they asked if Arizona is now a presidential battleground state, the 8 Ball revealed that “signs point to yes.”

@CNNPolitics Ron Barber wins in AZ, now we know that AZ maybe a battle ground state this NOV, Obama may carry it

— Kellerman (@LeanForwardUSA) June 13, 2012

Or at least, they hope that’s what it means.

If Obama was able to “carry” Arizona, it would be the first time the state picked a Democrat for president since 1996. But pay no attention to that, says Soros monkey Eric Boehlert. Barber’s win in Arizona is super meaningful.

Dems easily win special election in +GOP district in AZ last night…..therefore, according to Obama's-doomed meme, it's meaningless

— Eric Boehlert (@EricBoehlert) June 13, 2012

Boehlert thinks the biased media must be covering something up.

can't find avalanche of AZ-now-in-play-for-Nov articles in wake of Dem's easy win there last night; #libmedia

— Eric Boehlert (@EricBoehlert) June 13, 2012

Never mind this:

The guy who refused to support Obama for president won #AZ08.

— jon gabriel (@exjon) June 13, 2012

Real Clear Politics reports Arizona is an unlikely pickup for President Obama.

But as Democrats celebrated a special-election victory, Arizona-watchers said in interviews that the state’s 11 electoral votes seem likely to stay in the red column for Romney. The RCP polling average in Arizona as of late May showed Romney outpacing Obama by six points.

But don’t stop believin’! It’s adorable.

And at least Boehlert isn’t a sore winner (this time) like these classy lefties.

that's now TWO ELECTIONS IN A ROW Jesse Kelly has lost! time for him to retire to the Unelectable Tea Party Stooge Home.

— Brian Hanson (@brian_hanson) June 13, 2012

GOOD NEWS TODAY: my hometown of Tucson voted in a former aide of Gabrielle Giffords instead of tea party schmuck Jesse Kelly. YEAH

— Brian Hanson (@brian_hanson) June 13, 2012

Jesse Kelly promising to slaughter a room full of babies to show he is a good sport about losing…

— Tucson Enema (@TucsonEnema) June 13, 2012

I keep trying 2 think of something PC 2 say but really all that comes 2 mind is I'm glad that asshat Jesse Kelly will not take Gabby's seat.

— Kathy Young (@kathyyoung_) June 13, 2012

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