Deion Sanders tweets while filing a police report against the mother of his kids; Update: Pilar Sanders arrested

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According to Deion Sanders, he has just been assaulted by the mother of his kids. Apparently she brought a friend along to help her harm the NFL hall of fame cornerback and their kids.!/DeionSanders/status/194550504846655488

Shortly after the incident, Sanders was filing a police report and pressing chargers. He even tweeted a picture just prove he wasn’t kidding around.!/DeionSanders/status/194553632530771968

After the tweets a ton of people lashed out at Deion for making the incident public.!/Fancy_KMac/status/194557187123712000

go get you a diary and stop tweeting every fucking thing @DeionSanders

— Rosetta Stoned (@kanYeBreast) April 23, 2012

@DeionSanders and you tweeted that??? Praying that you become a professional adult one day…

— Chad Fagan (@chadfagan) April 23, 2012

@DeionSanders Stop using your kids & get their pic off twitter you idiot! No wonder Pilar jumped your sorry ass.

— Sharon (@Serawyn) April 23, 2012

You know your kids are going places when you have them fill out police reports against their mom like @DeionSanders does… #thuglife

— Pilot Flying Johnny (@MattStruble) April 23, 2012

I guessing when Twitter was invented no one envisioned live Deion Sanders domestic dispute updates

— Dan Wetzel (@DanWetzel) April 23, 2012

Deion Sanders tweeting himself filling out police reports killed off any hope I had left for humanity

— Hannibal King (@HanniFresh) April 23, 2012

Man why is Deion Sanders telling all his business on twitter? Ppl be tripping. I'm not telling y'all asses nothing too personal about me.

— Anti-Miseducation (@Blk_Thought504) April 23, 2012

deion sanders needs to log off twitter and tend to his family issues. LMAO wtf y'all see what he just tweeted

— Jameelah (@Jah423) April 23, 2012

He definitely needs to get his priorities straight! If you and your kids had just been assaulted, we’re guessing your first reaction wouldn’t be to tell the entire world about it on Twitter.

Update: Pilar Sanders has been arrested for “assault family violence”:

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