Early excitement for Game 7 between Boston and Miami

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For the Miami Heat, this season has been about vindication. After all the criticism the squad received despite making it to the NBA Finals their first year together, LeBron and Co. came out ready to prove themselves and mute the naysayers.

To do that, they’ll have to take down one determined Celtics team.

Boston has defied the odds time and time again to keep their season alive, and they’ve become quite a special group when it comes to doing things the hard way. They’ll be in South Beach for Game 7, and with the way LeBron finished Game 6, they’ll have to beat the reigning MVP when he’s at his best.

So what’s the analysis, sports fans?

A part of me is happy that there is a game 7. It's gonna be much more embarrassing when the Celtics beat the Heat IN Miami.

— namowkcalbdetfig (@LivlikeO) June 9, 2012

Man yall ass sleep Boston have 2play likeits their last game2win Game 7 if Lebron Wade n Bosh on fire 2 night yall ass lost #HEATNATION baby

— NeremieWeirdGirlWade (@lilnenecenaHeat) June 9, 2012

Game 7 tonight!!! #HeatGang It's ours

— da meanest (@Unapologetiic_) June 9, 2012

Excited for game 7. I really want to see a Lebron vs Durant and Wade vs Westbrook finals tho…

— Steve Mersinger (@SteveMersinger) June 9, 2012

So today's Game 7 for the Celtics and the Heat. I'm a diehard Lakers fan, but I want Boston to #BeatTheHeat. 😳

— ✊ (@SiloSara) June 9, 2012


Game 7 will be Boston Celtics' Game ………… #true ………

— Joule Use Salting (@TheJouleofJuls) June 9, 2012

I don't want the @celtics lose game 7 tom pls help us trend BEAT THE HEAT! Thank you..

— Mark Miralles (@MarkMiralles19) June 9, 2012

Certain social occasions will simply have to be postponed for the epic Game 7:

Date got postponed tonight due to game 7. Men and basketball…

— Becca Huynh (@DoYunChi) June 9, 2012

The game starts at 8:30 PM Eastern Time. Whoever takes tonight’s game shall be crowned Eastern Conference Champions, and will begin the NBA Finals against the OKC Thunder on Tuesday.

Make your choice: Are you Team South Beach, or Team Green?

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