Having A Bad Day? Let These 23 Adorable, Food-Loving Animals Brighten Things Up

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It’s a commonly known fact that animals make even the most mundane activities more adorable.

From the way they play to the way they sleep, they always manage to inject a healthy dose of preciousness into everything they do. If you could ask animals about their favorite pastimes, more than a few of them would tell you that eating is the most entertaining one of all.

Here are 23 hungry critters that definitely agree.

1. “I run and have noms!”

2. “I’m eating a bunnana…get it?”

3. Nothing says “delicious” quite like a camera strap. Wait…

4. “I eat your head, human.”

5. Why don’t we look this cute eating snacks?

6. “Oh, I’m a carnivore? Watch this!”

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7. “You look so cute that I could just eat you up!”

8. “It’s like a chicken finger, only not even a little!”

9. You have to get those greens in!

10. I get that you’re hungry, man, but come on.

11. “Since I can’t nom on that, I’ll try this nice ear.”

12. I feel like the bunny probably shouldn’t stand for this.

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13. It’s almost cannibalism. Almost.

14. “I’m trying to diet.”

15. “I eat your nose, Mom!”

16. “Hey, thanks human!”

17. Well, we’ve officially reached the pinnacle of cuteness.

18. “And you said this wasn’t food! Silly lady.”

19. “It’s winter weight, okay? I’m workin’ on it.”

20. “Am I not supposed to eat this? Too late.”

21. “You walked right into this, cat.”

22. “Friends, Romans, countrymen, lend me your ears! Or just you, that’s fine.”

23. You know you’ve reached next-level hungriness when this happens. We feel you, little one.

(via Reddit)

Okay, so half the time, they’re not even eating food. That doesn’t mean they don’t look cute! Next time your furry friend is chowing down, do the world a favor and share some photos online. Thanks in advanced!

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