Here Are 20 Brilliant Uses For A Pizza Box You Never Thought Of. I Love #15.

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Recycling isn’t just about separating your paper and plastics into tiny blue bins. There are other, more creative ways to save the environment and reduce waste. Take pizza boxes for example. Most of them are made from sturdy cardboard, but they never see a day past holding pizza. That’s about to change. Here are 20 awesome things you can create from your used pizza boxes. They range from simple to silly, but the fact remains the same: you can do SO much with an ordinary pizza box.

1.) A laptop stand you can create with one pizza box.

2.) A mini soccer field for indoor fun.

3.) A flash ring for photographers.

4.) The perfect (simple) cat bed.

5.) This awesome solar s’more maker.

6.) An adorable play stove.

7.) Pizza box wall art.

8.) A stencil for wall decor.

9.) A simple easel for arts and crafts.

10.) Mini pizza box skeeball.

11.) Pizza box puzzle art.

12.) Classic arcade controller from a pizza box.

13.) A simple pizza bib.

14.) DIY wall clock (great for kids crafts).

15.) A bird nest for neighborhood wildlife.

16.) Custom board game boards.

17.) Inexpensive shelving.

18.) Custom indoor hopscotch.

19.) A pizza box samurai costume.

20.) Easy-to-cool pizza box computer.

Via Bored Panda Just think of all of the pizza boxes that have been wasted on just holding pizza. Never again! Share these awesome ideas with your friends. Don’t let pizza boxes go to waste.

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