Here Are The 13 Most Adorable Criminals You’ll Ever See.

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Let’s face it, babies can be huge jerks. They  never let you get any sleep, spend hours screaming for no reason, and refuse to use the bathroom like a NORMAL person. Sheesh, just because they’re so darn cute they think they can crawl all over us! And these are the worst offenders. Check out the heinous (…and hilarious) crimes that landed these tykes in time out.

“What’re you in for?”

1. That’s what you get for turning off The Wiggles.

2. And THAT’S what you get for impersonating a doggie.

3. This kid’s been watching dad play a lot of Grand Theft Auto.

4. They hit the bottle a little too hard.

5. “You wanna see a real work of art?”

6. Just when you thought you were safe: demon baby.

7. “Might” is more like “definitely will, all the time.”

8. Greed and gluttony, ready for seconds.

9. Identity theft.

10. “You talkin’ to me?”

11. Going above and beyond the call of doody.

12. Crimes against the elderly.

13. Rudely taking phone calls at breakfast.

14. So obscene.

(via: BuzzFeed.) Hopefully with the help of rehabilitation, they can become upstanding individuals by the time they learn to stand. Share these adorable criminal masterminds with your friends using the link below!

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