Holder echoes Obama; We only find out stuff when we read it in newspaper

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Precious. Attorney General Holder parroted Obama today when he said that he totally finds out about stuff only when he reads it in the newspaper. Remember, President Liar Pants claimed that he only found out about the IRS’ targeting of conservatives from “news reports.”

Continuing a theme MT @alexis_levinson: Holder says he has “only read about in the newspapers” re: Sebelius peitioning private companies

— Luca Gattoni-Celli (@TheGattoniCelli) May 15, 2013

Knock me over: Holder learned about #pigford abuses from the newspaper…

— Heather (@hmfearny) May 15, 2013

==>RT @redsteeze Oh Holder only gets his information from newspapers now also.

— Michelle Malkin (@michellemalkin) May 15, 2013

The Smartest Man Alive and his administration know nothing, you see. Nuthin’! They have no idea what is going on, ever, until they read it in the papers or see it on the news. Evidently, Holder hasn’t been reading much, since his mantra today was “I don’t know.”

@debraburlingame #Holder already explained what he does; he reads the newspaper to find out what is going on inside the DOJ.

— Tim Sumner (@SgtTim911) May 15, 2013

And there’s more! According to Holder, the White House only found out about the AP phone records scandal from guess where? That’s right: Newspapers!

VIDEO: Holder: WH Found Out About DOJ Investigation By Reading Newspapers youtu.be/8CJmNka32A8

— RNC Research (@RNCResearch) May 15, 2013

Eric Holder: “Whitehouse learns by reading the newspapers”. #AP

— Kevin Randall (@KevinRandall5) May 15, 2013

@amspec MT @glennthrush: “My guess is the WH would have found out about this by reading the newspapers… watching tv” Holder, re: AP

— Luca Gattoni-Celli (@TheGattoniCelli) May 15, 2013

Oh, our aching sides. Well, it would be hilarious if it wasn’t so chilling.

“My guess would be the WH found out about this by reading he newspapers.” — AG Holder. [Priceless.]

— Sam Gustin (@samgustin) May 15, 2013

Lol W T F RT @goliadgal: Holder: “The WH found out about this by reading the newspapers”…

— Winnie Cooper (@_MissRandi) May 15, 2013

Roflmao RT @gabrielmalor: AYFKM? Holder: “My guess is that the White House found out about this by reading the newspapers.”

— Winnie Cooper (@_MissRandi) May 15, 2013

Someone please get Holder a T.V. & maybe a newspaper

— Save The Dogs (@jimdanndy) May 15, 2013

#Obama claimed he 1st heard of #IRS scandal by reading newspaper. #Holder made same claim about #AP scandal. We hired these two?

— Tim Sumner (@SgtTim911) May 15, 2013

@970wfla Holder is waiting for all the facts to come in. He only gets his info from the newspaper you know.

— George Carl (@georgecarl1955) May 15, 2013

Jay, he watches the briefings! RT @charliespiering Holder: My guess is that the White House found out about this by reading the newspapers

— Rory Cooper (@rorycooper) May 15, 2013

Holder, do u seriously think “We read it in the newspaper” is sufficient or comforting when asking what our leaders know and how? #Geez

— Unfettered(@KiraAynDavis) May 15, 2013


But at least it is an explanation for something.

Holder says he only gets information about Obama and the DOJ from the newspapers so of course he’s unfamiliar with #Benghazi

— S.M (@redsteeze) May 15, 2013



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