Jedediah Bila assigns a little homework to Common Core promoters

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“Outnumbered” co-host and former teacher Jedediah Bila has a challenge for Common Core math pushers:!/JedediahBila/status/461205332115873792

Make it happen!

The second paragraph in the image below captures the level of frustration a lot of kids (and their parents) feel when they struggle through some of the indecipherable Common Core insanity:!/AalfonsoArianna/status/461460006467272704


If that was a real Common Core problem, the answer would be zero. Pedro cannot buy any cupcakes because his human soul was crushed by number bonds and ten-sticks.

Editor’s note: Since @AalfonsoArianna’s tweet was deleted, we have updated this post with a copy of the image that was included in her tweet.


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