Money-saving hashtag: ‘Shopping with Matt Yglesias’ could save big bucks

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Slate’s economics blogger, Matt Yglesias, shared a money-saving idea for Amazon shoppers that he uses. Yglesias advises online shoppers to sign up for a program called “Amazon Mom” (even if you’re a man with no kids), create a fake baby name, birth date, etc., and enjoy the savings.

What other shopping pointers might Yglesias have? Tweeters speculated with the hashtag #ShoppingWithMattYglesias. Here are some examples:!/DrewMTips/status/412705415223181312!/ChuckGLP/status/412704967518982144!/LadyLNorth/status/412707376521703424!/VodkaPundit/status/412702590749532160!/ChuckGLP/status/412702106751995904!/DrewMTips/status/412701861007745024!/chuck_dizzle/status/412697034022326273!/anthropocon/status/412697809213997056!/lheal/status/412698774390071297!/MichaelBlum3/status/412701289282146304

Those are some serious money-saving tips, and perhaps one or more will appear in a future Yglesias column.

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