Most People Think Spray Paint Is Cheap, But These 27 Projects Are Super Classy

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Spray paint can do wonders for your home, but a lot of people write it off as being a cheap way out of doing any real painting. This simply is not the case — spray paint is super versatile for a whole range of household projects. Not only that, it’s also beautiful when applied in just the right spots. And like we said above…it’s inexpensive!

Here are just a few ways to upgrade your home decor with a few quick spritzes.

1. Kids’ magnets turn into this fancy fridge decor with a little gold.

2. Do you know how much you’d pay for fake gold branches at a fancy home goods store?

3. The doorknobs that come with newer houses are terrible…here’s a cheap way to remedy that.

4. Seriously, this gold is the worst.

5. Give a glass vase an elegant update.

6. Or go all-in with a full glass makeover.

7. You can make just about anything look like mercury glass with some spray paint.

8. Believe it or not, but these were once ugly tin cans. Copper paint to the rescue!

9. Turns out, you can spray-paint fabric, too.

10. This fancy curtain rod is made from PVC pipe and spray paint.

11. If the blah patio furniture options aren’t bright enough for you, take matters into your own hands!

12. Same goes for doormats.

13. Use some chrome metallic spray paint to make bowling balls into reflective garden orbs.

14. Looking Glass paint can make anything into a faux mirror.

15. Spray-paint beans or coffee beans for a fun vase filler.

16. And these pine cones would be perfect around the holidays.

17. Really make things regal with these beautifully updated lights.

18. Spray-painting furniture is much easier than brush-painting it.

19. Don’t spend a bunch on a fancy fan, make one yourself!

20. Ugly plastic tubs become so much more.

21. There’s just something about gold — this boring trash can suddenly looks amazing.

22. Or, turn plastic bins into elegant outdoor planters.

23. Spray-paint your boring rain boots and make ’em super fun.

24. Some string and straws make an adorable party banner.

25. Wicker baskets don’t have to be brown

26. Got an old rug? Seriously upgrade it with some spray paint and a fun design!

27. You can spray-paint vinyl, too!

Same goes for leather.

Never feel ashamed to use this craft supply to up the ante in your home again…it’s just as classy as any other paint!

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