Noted right-winger complains about raunch at the Oscars

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Wait, what?

WE AGREE!! “@dwstweets: You know, has anyone told the Oscars people that there are families watching their show with their kids? “

— Laura Ingraham (@IngrahamAngle) February 25, 2013

When @dwstweets is ripping on your violation of family standards, Hollywood, you may be over the line by a few thousand miles.

— Ben Shapiro (@benshapiro) February 25, 2013

@dwstweets I don’t agree with you much, but I wholeheartedly endorse this tweet!

— Dean Connel (@dconnel) February 25, 2013

Of course, not everyone agreed with Wassserman Schultz’s “conservative pro-family narrative”:

. @msnbc producer drafting @dwstweets is stupid conservative proFamily narrative?…#P2 #tcot #sgp #progressive #fyi

— Suhr Mesa (@suhrmesa) February 25, 2013

:@ingrahamangle @dwstweets some one should tell their kids to go the F*ck to sleep and their parents to grow the F*ck up. #adults

— Michael Chase Walker (@mchasewalker) February 25, 2013

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