See why some conservatives are pushing this Grayson for president petition

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What petition? Oh, just this:

No, seriously. There's a petition to draft Alan Grayson for a presidential run in 2016.

— Matt (@mdrache) September 30, 2014

LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL RT @TheYoungTurks: Do you want @AlanGrayson to run for president in 2016? Sign the petition here:

— Matthew (@Matthops82) September 30, 2014

Do you want @AlanGrayson to run for president in 2016? Sign the petition here: #p2

— The Young Turks (@TheYoungTurks) September 29, 2014


@TheYoungTurks @benshapiro @AlanGrayson seriously? The guy beat his wife for god's sake. Talk about a war on women

— Political Rationale (@Jimbean87055631) September 30, 2014

@TheYoungTurks @allahpundit @AlanGrayson Would he be the first spousal abuser to live in the White House?

— Allen (@wcu80) September 30, 2014

OK, but then there’s this:

@TheYoungTurks @charlescwcooke @AlanGrayson I'd like to see him run strictly for the unintentional comedy.

— Chris Cornwell (@jccornwell) September 30, 2014

@TheYoungTurks @allahpundit @AlanGrayson As a conservative, I desperately want him to run. How many times can I sign this petition?

— Matt O'Brien (@Mattfobrien) September 30, 2014

@TheYoungTurks @AlanGrayson Yes Democrats. Please, PLEASE run Grayson

— Shawn Anderson (@shawnsBrain66) September 30, 2014

Yes, please. RT Do you want @AlanGrayson to run for president in 2016? Sign petition here:

— Melissa Moore (@melissamoore) September 30, 2014

@TheYoungTurks @OrwellForks @AlanGrayson Run Alan Run!!!

— Domestic Terrorist (@JimRyals) September 30, 2014

@TheYoungTurks @charlescwcooke @AlanGrayson God, please let this man run, and talk ALOT! No censorship, no editing, just his antics.

— Tooth Fairy Denier (@FunkynFortunate) September 30, 2014

For. Real. Unhinged antics? Gold, baby. Gold.

@TheYoungTurks @benshapiro @AlanGrayson First smile I've had all morning. The laughs that ignorant buffoon would bring to the table!

— Rusty Bradley (@RustyBradley74) September 30, 2014

Yep. And we have to laugh so we don’t cry.


Twitchy coverage of the unhinged buffoon known as Alan Grayson

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