She Lost Her Husband To Cancer. When They Gave Her This Teddy Bear, She Broke Down.

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In December 2016, a woman lost the love of her life to stomach cancer. It had only been three months since her husband was diagnosed.

Not only had they been married for 32 years, but they had children together as well. She was absolutely heartbroken that she’d never get to see or hear the man she married at just 16 years old again. That’s why her kids decided to do something extremely thoughtful for her on her birthday.

When she opened one of her gifts to find a teddy bear, she had no idea how special it was. But when her kids urged her to squeeze it and listen to the recorded message, she broke down in tears.

Watch the emotional moment this grieving widow gets to hear her late husband’s laugh again. This video definitely warrants a few tissues.

(via Daily Mail)

Though her husband is gone, being able to hear his voice must bring so much comfort. Her children are so sweet for doing this for her.

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