They Saw A Stroller Chained Outside Of A Bar And It Only Got Worse From There

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For most of us, our youth was spent chasing our dreams and living life to the fullest.

In some cases, this might have included going out to the bar and drinking just a bit too much. But when life settles down and children are brought into the equation, many of us leave our partying ways behind. However, the decision to put their child above partying wasn’t so easy for this Alabama couple.

Forty-five-year-old Michael Trosclair and his wife, Shari Tremba, have been charged with neglect and endangering a dependent after they brought their baby to a bar.

Indianapolis Metropolitan Police were dispatched to a local bar Friday after Tremba was spotted outside asking customers for beer.

When police arrived, Tremba was seen standing next to a baby stroller with a small child inside.

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After smelling a strong sense of booze on the woman, witnesses revealed that Tremba had been offering sex to patrons in exchange for beer.

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Other witnesses also reported having seen Tremba breastfeeding her child while continuing to drink.

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Earlier in the night, Tremba had chained the baby stroller outside while she went inside to drink.

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Trosclair’s whereabouts during the ordeal are still unknown, but he is also facing charges in relation to his wife’s antics.

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