They Were Worried About The Dog Meeting Their Newborn Baby. What Happened is Priceless.

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A lot of parents are concerned with how their family dog will react when they bring a newborn baby home. We read horrifying stories of dogs turning on helpless children, so it’s a legitimate concern.

In the case of Reddit user banpeiSF, he was worried about how his Corgi, Wilbur, would handle the arriving of their little one. I think these photos perfectly answer that question. 🙂

Back from the hospital, their very first meet and greet.

Wilbur started keeping her company during ‘tummy time.’

He even started sleeping beside her crib, making sure she’s protected.

He waits for her to wake up. 🙂

The precious baby had mild jaundice so the tube you see is for her bili blanket. Wilbur, of course, continues to monitor her.

And continues…

As the daddy said, Wilbur’s fat butt is going to have to learn about personal space eventually. 🙂

Source: reddit

It looks like there’s nothing to worry about except maybe a little bit of Corgi stalking. 😛

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