This Family Went From Having No Kids To Having Five For A Heartwarming Reason

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For Julie and Will Rom, conceiving a child of their own just wasn’t a possibility.

But with so much love in their hearts and a desire to give unconditional love to children, the couple made the decision to become foster parents. Over the course of 10 years, they saw many children walk in and out of their lives as the kids’ biological parents did what they had to do to get them back. But last month, a chain of events left them with the big family they always wanted.

The Roms fostered kids named Will and Truth back in 2014 after their prior living arrangement was deemed unfit by the state. The following year, their biological sister Mariana joined the family.

In the summer of 2016, their other two biological siblings KJ and Keyora were welcomed with open arms.

With plans to adopt the five children underway, it was all made official on July 27 of this year!

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