Want To Spend Over A Grand On A Soup Can And Straws? Tiffany & Co. Has You Covered.

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When it comes to the world of frivolous spending, Tiffany & Co. is the place for all your shopping needs.

Sure, there’s no questioning that the luxury retailer has a wide array of exquisite and stunning jewelry for those who can afford it. But if you’re really looking to basically flush your dollars down the toilet, they have something really special for you in their ridiculously overpriced “Everyday Objects” collection.

Here’s its crown jewel — a tin can in sterling silver and vermeil. All it’ll cost you is $1,000.

Want something a bit more useful and affordable? This sterling silver straw will only run you about $250.

How about a paper cup with a price tag of $95? (Don’t worry, it’s actually made of bone china.)

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Everyone needs their own $9,000 ball of yarn. And by everyone, I mean no one.

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If your medications aren’t expensive enough, let’s just tack on an extra $500 for a pillbox to hold them in.

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Why give your kids regular LEGOs when you can spend $1,500 on 10 pieces instead?

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