What’s The Smartest Way You Saved Money On Your Wedding?

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Tell us your most genius wedding budget tip!

1. It’s no secret that weddings can be very expensive.

VH1 / Via giphy.com

2. But budget-conscious couples (so, uh, most couples) usually find at least one creative way to save money.

3. Perhaps you had a winter wedding because many venues are cheaper in the offseason.

Paper Antler / Via paperantler.com

4. Or you had your bridesmaids carry baby’s breath instead of pricey peonies.

Natalie Franke Photography / Via nataliefranke.com

5. Maybe you had a brunch wedding because breakfast foods are less expensive and people tend to drink less in the morning.

(All of these are things I did at my own wedding, by the way.)

6. We want to hear your most inspired tip for saving money on your wedding!

BeachBlues / Via etsy.com

Comment below with the story of how you did it (and a photo from your wedding if you’re feeling generous).

7. We’ll feature the best suggestions in a future BuzzFeed post.

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