When His Brother Was Trapped Underneath A Dresser, He Kept His Cool And Saved Him

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In life-threatening situations, human strength can become absolutely extraordinary.

While I’ve heard a few stories about people lifting cars off of their loved ones, I’ve never been confident that I’d be able to pull that off in a crisis — but I know that I would do anything possible to save my sister’s life. This little boy must feel the same way, because his quick thinking led to his twin brother’s rescue.

Two-year-olds Brock and Bowdy Shoff from Utah were playing when their mom, Kayli, went upstairs for a few minutes. Not long after, the boys began climbing on a dresser, which fell over and pinned Brock to the ground. Kayli didn’t hear the dresser falling or Brock screaming.

The situation could have ended very badly if not for Bowdy’s heroic actions.

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The open drawers fortunately took some of the weight off Brock’s body so he wasn’t seriously injured. His parents are now warning others to bolt their dressers to the wall for safety. Please SHARE to raise awareness about the dangers that unsecured furniture pose to children.

Read more: http://www.viralnova.com/twin-dresser-rescue/

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